Pôle numérique

Last modification : 14 February 2019

The Laboratory is developing activities around 3D imaging within the “Infographic and Field” research support center. On the program: photogrammetry, 3D scan, terrestrial or aerial drone shots on some of the Aoroc shipyards but also the digitization of objects always in collaboration with French and foreign institutes.

Main activities of the cluster around 3D:


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Three techniques can be used according to the requests of the scientific managers, the difficulties of ground or the dimension of the objects to be digitized:

  • Photogrammetry by shooting on the ground and by drone
  • Laser scanner for architecture and field surveys
  • Smartscan for objects up to one meter
    The evolution of 3D is moving towards more reliable tools and improved data processing software that will better meet our research concerns.

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