Conférences : Re-thinking Catalhoyuk (Turkey) : Archeological Excavations and Digital Perspectives

par M. Forte

Dernière modification : 17 novembre 2016

Conférence de Maurizio Forte, Duke University.

Conférence donnée le Jeudi 17 octobre 2013 à 17h30, salle F, École normale supérieure, 45, rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris.

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Maurizio Forte, Duke University.
The project “3D-Digging at Çatalhöyük” started in 2009-10 as on site digital experiment with the scope to record every phase of excavation in 3D using different technologies : laser scanning, computer vision and photogrammetry (image modeling). The final goal is to make the excavation process virtually reversible in a simulation environment at different levels, from laptop computers to virtual immersive systems.
In the last two years the project is focused on two main documentation levels : macro scale (all the excavations in the East mound, North and South shelters) by laser scanning ; micro-scale (the Neolithic house B89) by computer vision. In addition all the burials are systematically documented in 3D using image modeling techniques (Photoscan and Meshlab) and integrating all the data in GIS format (ArcGIS, QGIS).
Actually, the entire archaeological excavations on the East mound are totally recorded in 3D, paperless and georeferenced in the same virtual space. The project has also introduced 3D stereo visualization systems during the archaeological fieldwork in order to interact with 3D models along the excavation period. In 2012 the introduction of tablet PCs has actually reset all the digital drawing, field notes, mapping and 2D documentation in a complete digital format compatible with GIS and databases. More recently, a multidisciplinary team of Duke University has implemented all the virtual stratigraphy of a Neolithic house (B89) for the DiVE (Digital Immersive Virtual Environment) a fully immersive system of visualization and interaction. In the DiVE it is possible to virtually dig the house by browsing layers and archaeological datasets.

affiche de la conférence du jeudi 17 octobre 2013
affiche de la conférence du jeudi 17 octobre 2013