XII International Conference of AIPMA-Athens

Dernière modification : 18 septembre 2016

The XII International Conference of AIPMA will take place in Athens from 16th to 20th September 2013.

The conference theme is : Context and meaning
In recent decades we have seen a growing interest among researchers in the analysis of decorative systems in terms of their context rather than as expressions of art in and for itself. It therefore seems the right time for a synthetic approach to figural themes, and to the iconographical and iconological problems of paintings considered in context.
What were the messages that images in wall painting, from the archaic to the late-antique (ca. 700 BC-AD 500) wanted to convey to contemporary viewers and how were they received ?
In the poster section there will be space for themes other than the iconographical-contextual, such as new discoveries, the analysis of systems, and problems regarding the techniques of mural painting.