Joseph Déchelette European Archaeology Prize


Dernière modification : 17 novembre 2016


The internationally renowned archaeologist Joseph Déchelette (1862-1914) was one of the founders of European protohistoric archaeology. The Association Joseph Déchelette, founded in 2010 by his great nephew Édouard Déchelette(†), would like to keep the memory of this great scholar alive and promote this discipline. It has therefore teamed up with various partners to establish
the Prix Joseph Déchelette with a view to promoting the PhD research of a young archaeologist.
The prize is open to the wider European archaeological community. The award criteria include the values which were Joseph Déchelette’s trademark : open-mindedness, intellectual rigour, practicality and international experience.

 2016 Prize partners :

•the French Ministry of Culture and Communication
•Roanne City Council / musée Joseph-Déchelette, Roanne
•the Römisch-germanisches Zentralmuseum (RGZM)
•the Society of Friends of the Musée Joseph Déchelette
and Roanne multimedia library (A2MR)
•the Laténium, archaeological park and museum,
Republic and Canton of Neuchâtel institution, Switzerland
•the Association pour les recherches sur l’âge du Bronze (APRAB)
•the Association française pour l’étude de l’âge du Fer (AFEAF)
•the European Association of Archaeologists
•Bibracte EPCC


Applications will be accepted from researchers who had their PhD thesis viva between
1 July 2013 and 30 June 2015.
The PhD research must focus on European protohistory in the broadest sense, from a geographical or chronological perspective (Bronze and Iron Ages and the period of Romanisation).
Theses can be written in any language. Applicants must provide a 25,000 character application
in French or English including an abstract of their thesis as well as research perspectives for the year following the award of the prize, and a curriculum vitae including a list of their publications.
The winner will be chosen by an international panel which will convene in April 2016.
Applications should be posted and also sent by email by 30 November 2015 to :
Prix Joseph Déchelette
Bibracte - Centre archéologique européen
F-58370 Glux-en-Glenne


The prize money is €4,000. Additional benefits in kind to be used in the year following the award of the prize include :
• a one-month research residency provided by the RGZM
• a one-month research residency provided by Bibracte
• a one-month research residency at the library of the Musée Déchelette offered by Roanne City Council in partnership with A2MR ;
• a one-month research residency provided by the Laténium, in partnership with the
Maison Borel foundation.
(The host institution will offer accommodation or accommodation and board, depending on the case).
The prize will be presented to the winner at the Musée des Beaux-Arts et d’Archéologie
Joseph Déchelette, the municipal museum in Roanne, where the scholar was born and worked all his life..