Théorie de la valeur et de la politique monétaire
Ekaterina Svirina

, par Jean-Michel Colas

Durant le mois de septembre, le labex TransferS et Georges Depeyrot (AOROC) accueillent Ekaterina Svirina, doyenne associée aux travaux de recherche au Département des relations économiques de l’Université financière internationale auprès du Gouvernement de la Fédération de Russie.


Monetary System of the Russian Empire 18-19th century
Mardi 5 septembre, 14h-15h30, ENS salle F

At the lecture we will talk about the coinage in the Russian Empire, types of coins used for different types of transactions. We will see the composition of money supply by denomination and types of material, weight, as well as analyse the possible reasons lying behind the change in this composition. Monetary system of the Russian Empire was changing inconsistently depending on the preferences of Emperor’s, visions of Ministers of finance and war appetites. We will see how the monetary system of Russian Empire moved to silver and gold standard.

Variety of monies in Siberia in the 18-19th century
Mardi 12 septembre, 14h-15h30, ENS salle F

The lecture is dedicated to the money variety in the Siberian region of the Russian Empire in 18-19th century. The characteristics of money depended on geographical and social conditions under which the transactions were being made. In the eastern part of Siberia merchants made business mainly based on credit while they intended to hoard currency. In contrast, the trade in the western part of Siberia more often was made with currencies which were compatible with those in European Russian markets. We are about to discuss these peculiarities of money circulation in Siberian region more deeply.

Monetary System of the USSR
Mardi 19 septembre, 14h-15h30, ENS salle F

We will talk about the creation of the Soviet monetary system in 1923, its further development throughout war periods, its reformation in 1947 up until its final ending in 1993. Soviet money supply was a planned parameter, consisting of state coins, paper money. Due to the undersupply of state money, private money emerged throughout the history of the USSR. The lecture will contain descriptive and analytical parts dedicated to the money supply of the USSR and regulatory decisions regarding it in a 70 years span. 

Ekaterina Svirina is Deputy dean responsible for research, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation since 2015. She obtained her PhD in Global economy in 2012 (Dissertation Topic : Inflation targeting policies of western central banks and the perspectives of its implementation in the Russian Federation’s economy). In the context of the International Program between the Financial University under the Government of the Russian and the University of London, she provided courses of Economics (2011-2015).

Publications in English 
Svirina E. Money circulation in the Siberian region of the Russian Empire, 2014. Collection Moneta No176. Moneta, Wetteren ; Russian metallic currency of the first half of the 19th century : introductory analytical characteristics, 2013. Collection Moneta 156, 463-468. Moneta, Wetteren ; Russian monetary reforms in the 19th century, 2012. Collection Moneta 139, 177-186. Moneta, Wetteren 

Last publications in Russian
Свирина Е.М., Абрамова М.А., Дубова С.Е., Криворучко С.В., Лаврушин О.И., Ларионова И.В., Масленников В.В., Милюков А.И., Об итогах деятельности Банка России в 2015 году : мнение экспертов Финансового университета при Правительстве Российской Федерации // Банковское право. – 2016. - №4. С.7-20 [On the results of the activities of the Bank of Russia in 2015 : financial expert opinion of the financial university of the government of the Russian Federation] Криворучко С.В., Свирина Е.М. Особенности таргетирования инфляции в условиях волатильности валютного курса (на примере Турции и Индонезии) // Деньги и кредит. – М. : 2015. – № 11. – с. 46-52. – 2000 экз. (№ 752 Перечня журналов ВАК) [Pecularities of inflation targeting in the conditions of the exchange rate volatility (for example, Turkey and Indonesia)] ; Гиблова Н.М. , Свирина Е.М. Ограниченность влияния денежно-кредитной политики Банка России на экономический рост // Научные труды Вольного экономического общества России. Том сто девяносто первый. – 2015, №2. - С. 63-76.[The limited impact of monetary policy at the Bank of Russia’s economic growth] 

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